Bill von Hagen's
Computer Collection in the past lane...
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I am not selling any of these systems. See my Wantlist at the end of this page.

Some photos of my collection are now available. Revisit this page soon for more!

Generic UNIX Boxen:
Random Multi-User Systems:
Micros (S-100):
Micros (CP/M Vintage, Non-S100):
Micros (Other):
x86 and 286 PC Clones
(and Near-Clones)
Soviet Computers:
Pen-Based or Handheld
Way Cool Peripherals:
Game Systems:

(*) Indicates not working, or haven't worked on it yet.

NOTE: Photo of Orange Apple ][ clone and Zenith PC clone courtesy of Michael Murray


The following are some images of various machines in my collection. You can tell the ones that I took because they are of questionable quality. I hope to do more of this one day - but I've been hoping that for years.

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Bigger, Higher Resolution Images:

OSI Challenger photo courtesy of Andrew Davie.

Wanted !!! Any Condition.

Send email to I will pay shipping and would love to dicusss what you want for any of the following hardware or any software for these machines.